Sixth…and More To Go

She is so in love with you.

You make her happy.

You always show her support.

You understand her better than anyone else.

You always know when to call her beautiful and when to call her sexy.

You show her how much you care, even in the middle of an argument.

You give her confidence when she’s doubting herself.

You appreciate the little things she does for you.

Again, you make her happy.

She is so in love with you.

Maybe for her, falling in love with you was the scariest, toughest, dumbest thing she ever did…but still, she couldn’t be happier.

You give her assurance that she’s all you want when insecurities strike.

You may not be with her physically, but you make sure she feels loved every single day.

You worry for her so much as if she’s too fragile she would break anytime.

You don’t mind making yourself look stupid just to see her eyes water from laughing so hard.

You see her like no one ever did before.

And every time she looks at you, she sees her future.

You sir, you mean everything to her.

I am so in love with you.

I could go on and tell you how much you made an impact on her life.

I could go on without stopping until you wake up.

And that would not even be enough time to tell you how much you mean to me.

She could go on forever, but she knows you’re not a fan of reading, so she’ll spare you from the task this time.

I love you.

Forever and always.