Hope During Life’s Sunset


He was once young and innocent. Not a single day that passed that his father could walk his way home without throwing himself into a bush or tripping on a plain road. What kept him going? Hope…that someday his father will change his ways.

He was once young and full of dreams. Always striving for learning. His brothers and sisters fled out of town to pursue their aspirations in life, but he chose to stay to look after his fragile mother. What made him stay? Hope…that one day, he will have his own time.

His parents could not afford to send him to school, so he worked hard and studied harder at the same time. He never lets poverty to be his reason to stop him from learning. What inspired him to be diligent? Hope…that one of these days he’ll obtain the knowledge he sought after.

Time went and he became a man and built his own family. He worked even harder night and day! With nine healthy kids and a lovely wife to feed, who wouldn’t? What was his inspiration? Hope…that his family won’t be able to experience the struggles he had to endure when he was a kid.

From being a sugarcane field foreman, he worked his way up to becoming a bookkeeper. He was able to send his nine children to good universities on his own. It was never easy to send nine children on your own, but that didn’t stop him from sending himself to a university as well and finish a degree. What had him strive for learning? Hope…that his children would be proud of him.

He once dreamed and hoped. Now he is old and weak, yet fulfilled and peaceful.

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