How I Started Traveling as a Joiner

I was once a reserved, shy, and silent type of person who would not talk in a group if not being asked. However, my love for traveling changed that. I said to myself that if I want to explore and go places I have been seeing on blogs, TV shows, or travel articles, I have to be more interactive and be social.

Being a travel enthusiast and having been working at home the whole week, it gets my feet always itchy to get out of the house and just go where there is fun and adventure. However, just like any other budget-conscious travelers with homebody friends, I always would want to see to it that I would make the most out of my trip without having to worry that I would go back home and have a can of sardines or a cup of instant noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! (Yes, there’s a bit of exaggeration to that 😀 )

With that in mind, I was wondering how do I travel without having to let the gold out of my treasure chest (let’s just pretend I have one). I have tried looking for tour packages, but I don’t think it will suit my budget. I cannot book tour packages good for one (1) person as it really would cause me a fortune! I just could not afford it.

How to start the traveling on a budget was mind-boggling for me, but then again I know for a fact that I have to start somewhere to make things possible and get the experience I always wanted.

Here’s what I decided to do to start my journey as a joiner:

  • Set aside a budget. Your priorities speaks a lot on how you manage your finances. With all the bills that has to be paid every month, it’s always a challenge to set something for leisure activities. If you really want to travel, make it one of your priorities and set a budget every pay day to fund your travel. The least you want to do is worrying if you still have enough ammos to be able to go home while on a trip.
  • Connect with friends. If there is one step I took to make my joiner journey possible, this was it. It doesn’t hurt to connect with your friends and start a conversation. A lot of young professionals are so into traveling these days, especially those that are working on the BPO industry (team buildings are happening everywhere!). If I am not able to join at some point, I see to it that I ask for a few tips from them after their trip. It always comes in handy. 🙂
  • Start local – If you are wondering where to go for your first joiner trip, start somewhere near you. How to do this? Again, connect with friends. This would also be a good point to look at if you want to start traveling solo.
  • Research. Two heads are better than one they say. Although the rest of the group must have already did some research about your trip, it is always better to have a back up plan just in case things doesn’t go as it should be. You can only have a good back up plan if you did a good research about the place that you are to go.

It took a little while for me to realize things until one day, a college buddy of mine called me up and asked if I would like to join a weekend trip to Kawasan Falls with her officemates. Oh well, you guessed it right. Without a second thought, I already said, “YES!” before she even finishes what she was to say.


At the Sibulan Port going to Kawasan Falls with my new found friends. 🙂

And then my journey as a “Joiner” has begun….

There were a lot of “what ifs” in the beginning, but yet again, I wanted to travel…and so I did. 🙂

It’s never too late. Step out of your house. There’s a lot of beautiful places waiting for you out there.